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Peony: Melbourne’s Favourite Spring Bloom

Roses are classic, daisies are sweet, but no other flower is as bold and showy as the peony. Melbourne flower lovers have long cherished the beauty of this unique, oriental flower. Adding to the allure of peonies is its ephemeral nature. The peony has a relatively short blooming season that only lasts from mid-October to the end of November in Australia, so anyone who loves this bold, feminine flower will want to make sure they enjoy them while they can, as they only bloom once a year and then are gone.

Peony History

This lush beauty was cultivated in China as far back as 4,000 years ago and has long been that country’s official flower. For many hundreds of years, peonies were reserved for the Imperial family and were cultivated in a wide range of colours from pure white and pale yellows to pinks, red and even burgundy. By the 8th century, peonies were being grown in Europe. Marco Polo may have been one of the first Europeans to see the peony when he visited China. He marveled at what he thought were “roses as big as cabbages.” In Medieval Europe, the peony was believed to have healing powers, and was planted in the gardens of royalty, nobility and wealthy merchants.

The name of the peony is from an ancient Greek myth. Paeon, a student of Asclepius, the physician to the gods, was seen by his teacher as a threat because he was so brilliant. The god Zeus, seeing that Asclepius was going to kill his student, turned Paeon into the flower Peony.

Peony Meaning

Over the centuries, many cultures have assigned meaning to the peony. Flower lovers know that the peony is a symbol of good fortune and happiness in marriage. Because of this romantic meaning, many brides getting married in the late spring and early summer hope to center their bridal flowers around the peony. Brides can take advantage of these beautiful flowers from mid-October through November. One option for gorgeous floral arrangements is peony flower boxes on each table at the reception. We can customize these stately, Parisian-style personalized flower boxes with the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date or a sweet message such as “Happily Ever After.”  These romantic, lush beauties are the perfect addition to your special day.

The Peony: A Flowerbox Melbourne Specialty

Prized for its oversized blooms and enchanting fragrance, the peony is a favorite seasonal blossom. It is extremely popular because of its intensely feminine beauty with its abundant, ruffled petals and varying shades of white and pink. If you want to send someone a loving gift that is unique and unforgettable, think peony. The Floxerbox Melbourne florists  create personalized flower boxes in a variety of colours for those who appreciate the showy, oversized blooms. Our peony flower boxes are an elegant addition to any home. Because peonies are laden with so many positive meanings, such as love, loyalty and good fortune, they are the ideal gift to give someone special, particularly if they have a springtime birthday or you are looking for a flower that is both flirtatious and impressive.

Peony Colour Options

Flowerbox Melbourne carries fresh peonies in white and pink during the spring/summer peony season. They can be displayed in boxes of white, blue, pink or black, depending on your preference. For romance, a soft pink peony is fresh and feminine. For friendship, white peonies are a lovely gesture. Our designers choose only the freshest, lushest blooms so that our peony flower boxes will last for days and will look lovely displayed anywhere in your home or office. Visit us at https://flowerboxmelbourne.com.au/ to learn more and find out when our peonies will be in season to arrange for your  order.