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Roses are classic, daisies are sweet, but no other flower is as bold and showy as the peony. Melbourne flower lovers have long cherished the beauty of this unique, oriental flower. Adding to the allure of peonies is its ephemeral nature. The peony has a relatively short blooming season that only lasts from mid-October to the end of November in Australia, so anyone who loves this bold, feminine flower will want to

Long lasting Roses

A gift of flowers is always appreciated, but it’s a present that’s never lasted long. Until now. Infinity Roses let you give a full year of blooms in one flower delivery. Melbourne florists have always known that roses, while lovely, are fleeting, but Flowerbox has crafted a solution to the problem of flowers’ fleeting lives with our beautiful Infinity Roses. These

Enchanted Roses

Posted on 31/10/2019


Flowerbox Melbourne’s Enchanted Roses are a gorgeous tribute to true love and a lasting gesture that will last for months. Each Enchanted Rose is one perfect, lush rose captured at peak bloom and preserved under glass. You can make our Enchanted Roses a part of  a very special day for someone you love by taking advantage of our full-service flower delivery in Melbourne.

roses colour meaning

Rose Colours and Their Meanings

Posted on 31/10/2019


Flowerbox Melbourne is the number one source for both fresh cut roses in a box and our unique infinity roses, which last for a full year without watering. We carry them in several lovely colours so you can choose the perfect shade to convey your message to the recipient. The meanings of different rose colours have been around for generations, making it easy for Melbourne rose buyers to choose the right rose