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Wedding Flowers

One of the items that stand out the most when decorating a wedding are the flowers. Among
so many wedding flower options, it may be tricky to choose the perfect one for your decor.
So, we have selected some simple tips to help you choose the perfect wedding flowers for
the big day!

Check out our tips for choosing your wedding flowers and get inspired with our flower
suggestions for your wedding.

How to choose flowers for a wedding?

The choice of flowers will depend on several factors. Check out below some of the first steps
to determine the perfect flower for the wedding decoration!

Wedding Style

The best way to determine all the details of the wedding is by analyzing its chosen style.
Check below the suggestions for each one:

Flowers for Classic Style

The most picked flower types for classic style weddings are the beloved roses and the
exquisite orchids. Other options are the peonies, lilies, Peruvian lilies, calla lilies and tulips.

Flowers for Countryside Weddings

The country climate calls for flowers like daisies, carnations, dandelions, gerberas,
sunflowers and hydrangeas. Also, this is the perfect environment for scented flowers like
roses, lilies and lavenders – but make sure to be sensible about their quantity.

Flowers for Beach Weddings

Tropical flowers are perfect for weddings on the beach due to the climate and their harmony
with the landscape. Among the flowers most resistant to heat are callas, daisies, sunflowers,
lilies, baby’s breath and the Peruvian lily.


An important detail to consider is the season of the year in which your wedding will take
place. Each one has its flowers, so be sure to make the right choice of flower for the season.

Remember that if you choose a flower that does not belong to your wedding season, it will
consequently turn out to be more expensive and still have many chances of not being as
beautiful as part of your decoration.

Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring Flowers: Azaleas, roses, tulips, hyacinths, peonies, dahlias, daisies, sunflowers,
buttercups, orchids, allamanda, hibiscus, daisy, petunia, cup-and-saucer vines, freesia.

Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer Flowers: Lisianthus, camellias, Peruvian lily, carnation, pink, baby’s breath, lilies,
angelic, lion’s mouth, gerberas, calla lily, dahlias, hydrangeas, anthurium, aster.

Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall Flowers: Gerbera, roses, Peruvian lily, baby’s breath, boat orchids, cattleya, golden rain,
bromeliads and Gold of Kinabalu orchid.

Winter Wedding Flowers

Winter Flowers: Tulips, cherry blossoms, gerberas, dandelions, calla lilies, baby’s breath,
roses, Peruvian lily, oncidium, boat orchids, viola tricolor, lotus flower.

Wedding Flowers for the Whole Year

Flowers for the Whole Year: Petunia, dahlia, orchids, rose, safflowers, tropical and field
flowers, lisianthus, peonies, gypsophilas and aster.

Beware of impossible inspirations

Pinterest is pretty helpful for brides because you can find all kinds of inspiration for a
wedding. However, you must watch out for unreal inspirations, beware of “impossible” flower
arrangements, which are made up of foreign flowers, for example. So, remember to always
consult your florist about the availability of the flower at your wedding location.

Choose more than one flower
Try to choose more than one kind of flower, so the decorator can explore among textures
and arrangements. Having two or more will make your wedding decor richer and more

A flower that is extremely famous for bringing contrast to other flowers is the gypsophila, or
baby’s breath. It looks beautiful with any type of flower and offers the feeling of complete
decor for any wedding!

Another benefit of choosing various types of flowers is that you can invest in nobler flowers
and mix them with the more affordable ones. This format works perfectly well.

Beware of perfumes

Avoid scented flowers at many points in the decor and especially prevent fragrant flowers
from being placed on the guest table. If you do that, it may cause allergies to some guests or
even just bother them with the insistent scent.

Scented flowers are a great choice for country and beach weddings and, of course, outdoor
weddings. These types of events are more relaxed and airy, and the different aromas
combine perfectly.

Time of the Wedding

Flowers for a Daytime Wedding

For a daytime wedding, prefer flowers in lighter and more colorful tones, since they fit
perfectly with daytime weddings. If the flowers are exposed to the sun, always prefer the
ones more resistant to heat.

Flowers for an Evening Wedding

For evening weddings, naturally resistant flowers are preferable, such as roses and tulips.
Other recommended options are orchids and lilies.

Most popular wedding flowers

Roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers. Besides being a symbol of love and
affection, these beautiful flowers are also found in different colors and have an unmistakable

Lilies represent finesse and eternal love, and for this reason, are commonly used in wedding
decoration. They are beautiful flowers that match nobler decorations, being more common in
yellow and white.

Tulips are known to be noble and very sophisticated, but they are not expensive at all. Tulips
are found in various colors and, because of that, are usually picked by the bride and groom.
Just beware of its fragility to the heat: prefer this flower in mild weather.

Peonies are the new darlings among brides. With a price above average, these beautiful
flowers are found in bright colors and are very feminine. The peony flowers are delicate and
fragile regarding temperature, so finding these flowers can be a challenge. However, their
beauty and delicacy are worth it!

Orchids are the touch of charm that your decor was lacking! They have a more versatile
style, and so can match all wedding styles. This is also due to the diversity of colors we can
find them in – there are many possibilities for orchid decoration.
How about it, brides and grooms? How did you like these tips for choosing the wedding
flowers? Post a comment below about how the big day will be and which flowers you liked

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