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Rose Colours and Their Meanings

Flowerbox Melbourne is the number one source for both fresh cut roses in a box and our unique infinity roses, which last for a full year without watering. We carry them in several lovely colours so you can choose the perfect shade to convey your message to the recipient. The meanings of different rose colours have been around for generations, making it easy for Melbourne rose buyers to choose the right rose colours for every occasion. Our roses in a box can be displayed anywhere traditional arrangements can be found but are more sophisticated and can be personalized for any occasion. 

Red Roses

Flower experts agree, the most traditional and loveliest of roses is the red rose. This colour indicates love, passion and romance. It is the ideal choice if you want to declare your love for someone special or remind them just how precious they are to you. Poets have long praised the beauty of classic, red roses. You can’t go wrong when ordering red roses in a box from Flowerbox Melbourne for someone you love. We provide same-day and next day flower delivery in Melbourne with red roses arranged in sophisticated flower boxes in white, pink, blue or black.

Soft Pink Roses

Soft pink roses are no less lovely than red, but they are a softer, pastel colourthat is ideal for reflecting friendship, happiness and innocence. They are an attractive rose to send friends, so go ahead and send your best friend or favorite relative a pink colour roses to commemorate a special occasion or let them know you’re thinking of them. If you are in the early stages of a romance, consider the soft pink rose. Flowerbox Melbourne will put together an arrangement that reflects your growing feelings without being as passionate as the red rose. Pink roses in a box are also a lovely gift for a girl or young woman for birthday, holiday or to acknowledge an achievement such as a promotion or the birth of a baby.

Hot Pink Roses

Melbourne rose lovers have a particular affinity for hot pink buds. We suspect part of this is that they combine the sweetness of a pink roses with the romanticism of red roses in one flower that is bold and vibrant. Hot pink roses are often sent as a sign of gratitude or appreciation to someone who has helped you in some way. Our personalised flowers arranged in sturdy hat boxes include a message of your choice in stunning gold script.

White Roses

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was created from sea foam, which dripped from her body and became white roses. In the Christian faith, the white colour rose is a symbol of the Virgin Mary. In both instances, white roses represent love, innocence, new beginnings and purity, which makes the white rose an ideal flower for weddings. It is also a symbol of spiritual awakening or devotion, which is why you often see white roses at funerals, baptisms and confirmations.

Lilac Roses

This pastel shade of purple is a more modern shade for roses, having been created recently by selective crossing of different types of hybrid roses. The delicate colour represents the flush of “first love” and, when sent to someone you admire, hints at future romance and devotion. If you have a crush on someone you aren’t yet dating or involved with, sending lilac roses is a lovely way to tell him or her that you want something more. Lilac roses also symbolize majesty, fascination and the mysterious things in life. Giving a friend lilac roses is a wonderful gesture if your friend is interested in spirituality or mysticism, both of which are represented by the colour purple.

Black Roses

Coloured roses often bring to mind bright, cheery shades or feminine pastels, but black roses are officially a thing these days. Roses in true shades of black are loved for their lush, velvety appearance and the surprising beauty of the inky blooms. The obvious meaning s of death or the demise of a relationship quickly come to mind. Their Gothic beauty can express your feelings of loss or be a way of saying “Goodbye” to a relationship, but many people appreciate black roses for their esthetics rather than any particular meaning. Black roses are elegant and classic, evoking visions of black tie events and formality. Carefully consider the message you may be sending and how the recipient will react when ordering black roses.

Rose Colours can be imbued with meaning, so keep each colour’s symbolism in mind when ordering fresh roses or Infinity Roses from Flowerbox Melbourne. For personalised flower delivery in Melbourne, visit us at Flowerbox Melbourne and browse our complete collection of roses in a box. You’ll discover a multitude of ways to express your feelings with our personalised flowers.