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Infinity Roses: A Full Year of Flowers in One Delivery

A gift of flowers is always appreciated, but it’s a present that’s never lasted long. Until now. Infinity Roses let you give a full year of blooms in one flower delivery. Melbourne florists have always known that roses, while lovely, are fleeting, but Flowerbox has crafted a solution to the problem of flowers’ fleeting lives with our beautiful Infinity Roses. These gorgeous blossoms are real roses that will last for a full year with no watering and no need to maintain them. Simply display your box of roses where you can easily see them and enjoy their beauty for 365 days.

What Are Infinity Roses?

One Year Roses

Let’s start with what they aren’t – they aren’t fake roses or silk flowers. Infinity Roses, sometimes referred to as Everlasting Roses, long lasting roses, Forever Roses or one year roses, are real flowers that have been carefully picked, preserved and treated with a special solution to keep them looking fresh and at the peak of their bloom for a year or more. These preserved roses retain their beautiful colours and stay soft and supple month after month, letting you enjoy the beauty of fresh-cut flowers for months instead of days.

Presentation is Everything

Even the longest lasting forever roses won’t be appreciated unless they are presented in an attractive way. At Flowerbox Melbourne we box our Infinity Roses in sleek, sophisticated boxes with a glossy finish and your personal message in gold leaf script on the front, bringing the concept of personalised flowers to the next level. We offer our Infinity Rose arrangements in several size options and four lovely colours – blue, pink, white or black finished with a satiny, ribbon handle.

Infinity Roses: Perfect for Every Occasion

There are so many reasons to send infinity roses to someone you love. At Flowerbox Melbourne, we’ve sent our everlasting roses to recipients for a multitude of special occasions as well as for “just because.” As a housewarming gift, these are the perfect way to combine the charm of fresh flowers with a gift that will add a lasting touch of beauty to someone’s new home or apartment for months. Forever roses are the ideal birthday flowers because they will last from this the current birthday to the next one, reminding your  loved one that she is in your thoughts for every day of the coming year.

Imagine your wife, girlfriend, sister or daughter receiving a box of infinity roses after giving birth – she’ll be able to enjoy the lasting beauty of our locally grown roses from the day she receives them until her bundle of joy is a year old, long after other flowers have faded away! On those days when she is feeling stressed by the demands of parenting, she can look at her infinity roses and remember the first blush of motherhood and your love for her.

There are a multitude of floral options available for flower delivery in Melbourne, but none last as long or say as much Infinity Roses. The gift of roses that says “I love you,” every day for at least a year.